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Thank you for raising awareness about technological tyrrany, the "digital curtain descending upon humanity".

Everyone should be concerned about our shared threat of technocracy and data misappopriation.

Love that last statement "Here's to a bright shared future of digital citizens (encompassing the full political spectrum) changing our world. Beginning with our words." 🙏💚🕉

Excited to read your new book


Keep up the great work

Love from Kentucky 🍀

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Tysm for sharing 😃🙏🏽

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On the money. Great article.

Our company has a number of inventions that will return full agency of people's data and their experience within the age of Ethical AI. https://aiethics.world/. We have started a new global movement to not only put sovereignty of data back into the hands of the people, but also educational courses and products for folks to incorporate agency into Ethical AI and develop new forms of ethical systems - based on sovereignty and freedom.

Worth checking out Inventing World 3.0 - Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™ - https://aiethics.world/the-book

Keep up the great work. Look forward to reading your book!.

Matthew James Bailey

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